First, let us say......Congratulations on taking your first step into the world of vaping!

If you are interested in getting started, or you have come into the shop or already purchased online, we know you probably have questions. So we have put together a little guide to help you understand your purchase. We know that there are tons of choices for you to start with, but to keep it simple, we based this guide on the use care and maintenance of a Ego Battery and the Nova and Evod Tanks.

We understand that at the beginning of your vaping journey, the amount of information given to you can be overwhelming and difficult to remember. We have assembled this guide to provide you with all the basic information you'll need for the operation and maintenance of your electronic cigarette.

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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. What do I need to get started?
A. There are a TON of Choices out there, but to break it down to the most simple answer possible.

  • 1. You need a Battery.
    2. A Tank/ Clearomizer. In this guide, to keep it simple, we reference the Nova Style Clearomizers and the Evod Clearomizer (one of our favourites) that comes with the Evod Dual Starter Kit. 
    3. Coils for your tank. 
    4. A charger to recharge your battery.
    5. E-liquid in a flavour and strength that works for you.
    6. We also recommend purchasing a beauty ring to make everything look nice and offer stability for your tank. If you want you can go with a Starter Kit, which has everything except for e-liquid. This is a great way to get started too.

    Q. How long will my coils last?
    A. The longevity of your coils will depend on your usage. Generally, coils will last between 1- 3 weeks. You will know when it is time to change your coil when vapor production and/or flavor becomes reduced or burnt tasting.

Q. How long does the e-liquid last?
A. This will depend on the amount of liquid you have purchased. At Kick Ash Vapes, e-liquid comes in 10ml, 15ml and 30ml bottles (depending on vendor).
The average user will need about 10ml bottle for a week, 15ml will last about a week and a half, and 30ml can last up to 3 to 4 weeks, this is based on usage of course.

Q. How long will my batteries take to charge?
A. Depending on the size of the battery, the charging time will vary. 650 mAh batteries will take approximately 4-5 hours to fully charge, double this time for a 1300 mAh battery battery.

Q. What is the life expectancy of a battery?
A. The average life expectancy of a battery is rated by the number of charging cycles it has been put through. The Vision Spinner batteries are rated for approximately 300 cycles or charges.

Q. Will my tank leak if I lay it on its side?
A.Your tank should not leak if it is laid on its side. You may find a small amount of liquid on your battery where your tank threads in, this is normal. The only reason for a tank to leak would be missing/damaged O-rings due to over-tightening.

Battery Operation and Charging

Your battery has a 5 click on/off function. To turn the battery on or off, press the button 5 times quickly. The button will flash several times before turning on and off. The button should always light up when it is on and firing.
Out of box, your batteries have a partial charge. You will want to charge them as soon as possible.
When your battery needs to be recharged, the button will start flashing.

The charging of your battery is made extremely easy with the USB charger. Simply plug the USB end of the charger into any USB port on a computer, or USB wall adapter.
Unscrew the tank and beauty ring from your battery, then gently screw the battery into the charger.
Once the light on the charger turns red, the battery is connected and charging. The indicator light will turn green and you can disconnect your charger and unscrew.
The Vision Spinner batteries have an adjustable voltage dial at the bottom of the device. You can adjust from 3.3 volts up to 4.8 volts. Generally, you will want to keep your Voltage set to 3.8v - 4.0v. Voltage above this level can 'burn' your liquid and result in an undesirable taste.

**We do not recommend charging your batteries overnight or unattended, due to safety risks.

Changing Your Coil - Instructions for the EVOD and the NOVA tanks- 

Nova tanks come with 3 coils. One is already installed in the tank for you.
Once it is time to replace the coil in your tank the following steps will help:

1. Unscrew the entire tank from your battery.
2. Ensure there is no liquid in your tank, or empty the remaining liquid.
3. Unscrew the lower portion of the tank.
4. Gripping the bottom threaded portion firmly, unscrew the coil from the center stem.
5. Thread the new coil to the center stem.
6. Insert and thread the lower tank portion into place.
7. Re-fill your tank with the liquid of your choice.

Filing Your  Nova Tank
1. Unscrew the top cap.
2. Shake your liquid well before use, then drip the liquid between the center stem and the inside wall of your tank until it reaches the fill line on the side of the tank. Do not worry if you go past the line a little bit, your tank will still function normally.
3. Gently thread the top cap back onto your tank.
4. Attach the tank to your battery.
5. If you have changed the coil, take 5 dry pulls (without holding down the power button) on the unit to prime the coil.
6. Vape On!

EVOD tanks comes with a Coil Pre-Installed (the Kit comes with 7 total coils).
Changing your Evod Coil.

1. Unscrew your Evod From the Battery.
2. Turn your Evod Clearomizer upside down. If there is juice in your tank, you are going to want to flip it upside down. Then unscrew the tank from the base.  Keep the tank upside down so the juice will not spill out.
3. Firmly grab the top cap of the coil head with your fingers and unscrew it from the base.
4. Take your new coil head, and screw it back in to the base. It should look exactly like it did before you unscrewed the old one.
5. Screw the tank back into the base and you are done!

Filling Your EVOD
1. Unscrew your Evod tank from your battery.
2. Turn your tank upside down- especially if there is juice in your tank, or it will spill out all over your hand.
3. Unscrew the tank from the base and put the base aside.
4. While keeping the tank upside down fill the tank with your favourite e-liquid being careful not to put any liquid into the centre post, or fill it higher than the centre post. 
5. Put the base back on the tank then turn the tank right side up.
6. Attach the tank to your battery.
7. If you have changed the coil, take 5 dry pulls (without holding down the power button) on the unit to prime the coil.
8. Vape On!

Be careful not to overfill, or to drip the liquid directly down the center stem. This will cause the liquid to come out of the bottom of the tank.

**Always ensure your  voltage is between 3.8v and 4.0v, and take 5-6 'dry puffs' without pressing the button any time you fill a new tank or replace a coil. This helps to saturate the coil with liquid and ensure you won't get a 'dry hit'.

Care and Maintenance of Your Equipment

It is important to maintain and clean on a  regular basis to ensure proper function and longevity of your equipment.
Clean your equipment often!
The threads on the top of your battery and the bottom of your tank ensure that proper connection is being made and that your equipment functions properly.
Cleaning your tank can be done with warm, soapy water or rubbing alcohol. Always rinse and dry thoroughly before refilling.
Be conscious to the location of the O-ring seals when disassembling/re-assembling your tank for cleaning. Losing one of these O-rings can  cause your tank to leak!
Over-tightening can cause  portions to shear off or snap, again,  resulting in leaking.
Remove the drip tip from the top portion of your tank and clean out the  juice well and the drip tip.
ALWAYS thoroughly dry your tank components before using with a paper towel or  let air dry if you have time.
ALWAYS check the voltage on your battery before firing after filling your tank! Higher voltages can pop some coils.
NEVER over-tighten any components! Over-tightening is the leading reason for malfunction. It can cause your tank to leak and/or your electronic cigarette not to fire.
In some cases, over-tightening can permanently damage your battery  and/or tank.
Once damaged, new equipment would have to be purchased.
NEVER submerge your batteries in water, or use water to clean them. Wipe them and clean the threads with a dry cloth or paper towel.

We hope this guide helps you at the beginning of your vaping journey. There are TONS of options out there as far as equipment and liquids.

Most importantly, please remember that your success is our goal, and we want you to have an AWESOME "Kick Ash" Experience!

If you have questions, we WANT to answer them!! Please feel free to stop by or call, Facebook or email us, we have a team of experienced and dedicated vapers ready willing and able to help! 

And we hope to add to this guide in the future, so stay tuned for more good things to come and Keep Kicking Ash!