Vanilla BustaNut by Kick Ash Vapes

Vanilla BustaNut by Kick Ash Vapes

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No Nuts were busted in the making of this awesome house sauce, we promise. It's vanilla, it's got a nice deep flavour with a spice ending. So good it's going to make you want to.....(vape) bustanut, of course. This is a High VG Juice.

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Creamy deliciousness

This is a great smooth vape, one of my favorites after only 1 bottle. Its a must try!!

Being spoiled by Suicide Bunny's O.B, I was looking for something with a complex flavour profile, and similar taste...and this one really hits the spot. Best "house blend" of any company to date...I love it

Very surprised with the quality of this house juice by kickash. I tried it straight out of the mailbox and it was a great tasting smooth vape. It was suggested I let this one steep for awhile so I'm doing just that, but first impression is great. Nice wo

This one is a full flavour juice that I love in a tank- it's almost a custard flavour- with a bit of spice, great fresh or steeped.

Great flavour smooth vanilla taste awesome house blend

I get a creamy milky vanilla-nut taste with this one. Was quite impressed when I dripped a ml into a fresh dual-coil cotton build. It smells great to. A very enjoyable vape. WTG KickAsh !!

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